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S2 Vela

All-Mahogany Offset Body | PRS Plate-Style Bridge | DS-01 Humbucker with Coil Tap & Type-D Singlecoil

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Body Wood  Mahogany


Number of Frets 22

Scale Length 25"

Neck Wood Mahogany

Neck Shape Pattern Regular

Neck Depth At The Nut 27/32”

Width of Fretboard at the Body 2 1/4”

Width of Fretboard at the Nut 1 21/32”

Fretboard Wood Rosewood

Fretboard Inlay Dots


Bridge PRS Plate-Style

Tuners PRS Low Mass Locking

Hardware Type Nickel


Treble Pickup PRS-Designed DS-01

Bass Pickup Type-D Singlecoil

Controls Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Selector




"If you’ve previously balked at trying a PRS because you’d didn’t dig the styling, this beautiful machine—and its beautiful tones—might flip that notion on its head.”
- Premier Guitar

"If the Vela had been made in the 1950's, it would be considered as classic as the Stratocaster. It's a natural guitar with a wonderful personality!”
- Walker Teret, Lower Dens

“PRS guitars are made with love and you can feel it when you play them. They are also made with an incredible understanding of what makes a guitar great. The Vela is a great rock guitar. It can do scuzz, fuzz, psych, punk, whatever you want and it also can scream some insane leads. I can’t get enough of this axe!”
- Michael Gibbons, Bardo Pond

“The Vela nails all of the vintage tones I've become accustomed to using in the studio, and has become my go to live because of its stable intonation, tuning, and playability.”
- Thomas Onebane, Royal Teeth

“I think the PRS team has hit a home run with the Vela. In terms of quality and tone at this price point, I don’t think anyone else is making anything remotely close.”
- Jordan Smith, Diarrhea Planet

“Overall, the PRS S2 Vela is a great guitar at a great price point. This is the perfect jack-of-all-trades guitar and is one that will presumably last for many years to come.” (review link)
- Crafted

"PRS have really created something important with the S2 range. Every guitar I’ve played has shown the thought, care and (yes) love that the company has thrown at the project. But the Vela may be the best yet. It is beautifully made, has a huge tonal range and sounds and feels lovely.”
- Guitar In Your Pocket

“This is SWEET. The feel and sound transcend what a guitar can be. The Vela has soul, it’s alive and part of something greater than you can imagine. It sounds so nice and is so beautiful. The Paul Reed Smith Vela, It’s a dream.”
- John Gibbons, Bardo Pond

“I've always been a bridge pickup guy and a sucker for big, bright, punchy guitar tones. I knew this guitar would be great for clean studio playing, but I was really pleasantly surprised by how well the Starla pickup worked for driving power-pop and punky, angular playing -- The tone is bright and punchy, but never too thin. The coil tap control is a neat function too, opening up an equally great tone with a little more chime to it. I can tell I'll be using this guitar for years to come in a variety of different projects.”
- Tommy Siegel, Jukebox The Ghost

A really broad range of sounds can be had from this guitar using the tone control, the three-way toggle selector and the coil split, especially if one were to run it through a larger amp with some tonal options and a pedal or two.”
- American Songwriter

“While it’s probably shocking to the PRS purists, I’m a sucker for offset guitars and the Vela design won me over instantly.”
- Tone Report

“With its versatile variety of tones, first-class craftsmanship and construction, and incredibly comfortable playability, the PRS S2 Vela is a new classic that will be embraced by discriminating players looking for something a little different.”
- Guitar World

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